Ultimate Hunting Chest Rig

High Speed Gear Chest rig

When your on any hunting adventure, you want to have your essential gear readily accessible when you need it and in a comfortable configuration for the long term wear in the field. On this last hunt, I wanted to have water, medical supplies, snacks, binoculars, rangefinder, a few extra rounds, and a multitool ready for action if needed. The trick to carrying what you want and where you want it, is finding the right kit to accommodate all of your needs.  This is where High Speed Gear comes in.

Glassing with the SigSauer Zulu 9 Binoculars with rifle proped up on the Eberlestock G4 Operator backpack.

When pulling together my wish list for the field, I decided to configure a High Speed Gear Neo chest rig as a way to keep my essential close while remaining mobile. Anytime I’m prepping for a hunt or simply out with a rifle and a backpack, my mind always defaults to my time in the military, where everything I own goes on my back. That’s not the best mindset when going deep in the rocky mountains but what if I forget something and I can’t get a resuppy? I know, it’s ridiculous and that is exactly why the chest rig is perfect for me. My plan was to hike up to a good position, drop my pack, and then push out with the essentials close by in the chest rig.

In the top feature image you can see my configuration of the HSGI Neo Chest rig with a Mini EOD pouch up front, Soft Taco and Med pouch on the side with the Mini Map Admin pouch on top.  

The Mini EOD pouch is the perfect size with its internal organization features that I used to carry a few extra rounds, cliff bars, a Sig Kilo 2400 rangefinder, and a few other odds and ends.  I like that I can throw this stuff in one spot and have it held secure by the bungie’s. The internal pockets keep everything organized and doesn’t make noise when maneuvering my way around.

The High Speed Gear Soft Taco can adapt to fit small water bottles up to 32oz Nalgene bottles.

The Soft Taco is super versatile and can be adapted to carry a wide variety of objects.  I choose to carry a 1000ml water bottle. Easy in, easy out, and it was held secure through thick brush and rocky terrain.  

The Bleeder / Blowout med pouch carried a Trauma Micro QC kit from 3C Medical.  If you are in the woods, navigating rough terrain, and people are shooting, it’s a good idea to have some basic medical resources on hand.  The Trauma Micro QC kit includes nitrile gloves, 36 inches of duct tape,2 petroleum gauze pads, SWAT-T Tourniquet, and Rolled Quikclot gauze.  All of this fit in the HSGI Bleeder / Blowout pouch perfectly.

The Mini Map v2 is sitting on top and it carried a Kestrel, cell phone, and multi-tool. This is a great admin pouch as it holds the essentials but is more suited for military or police applications.  There is space for 2 mags in the back and a bungee for a parachute flare that I won’t use on a hunt. I think this space would be better suited for a Pogey Pouch or some other low profile general purpose pouch.  

Kicking back enjoying the late morning view high on a ridgeline in Pine Valley Utah. Rifle is a Desert tech SRS with Thunderbeast 30BA suppressor. Left side is the HSGI New Chest Rig with SigSauer Zulu 9binoculars.

The great thing about High Speed Gear products is the versatility and modularity. Configure this thing out to best serve your specific needs and you’ll be stylen. The layout I put together carried everything I thought I need, was balanced, and fit secure to my body. This kit and a small backpack would be a great all day solution for most hunting situations.  Super happy how it performed for me.